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hi there

We believe it’s possible to build resilience for living a lush life, by finding slices of joy in the simplest of things. For us, it means eating well, laughing lots, embracing the benefits of natural health and saying yes to new adventures. We’d love to inspire you to find your own slices of joy, so feel free to stay here awhile...and maybe, just maybe we’ll be lucky enough to make a difference in your world.

so, who is red lime jones?

Robbie Garvey

Hi there, I’m Robbie, the founder of Red Lime Jones and I’m so happy you’re here! x

how did I end up here?

The quick exciting version goes like this.

I pitched in to help a friend at a market stall in Geraldton, got dragged into a Balinese Ashram for a dose of laughter with strangers, had a whiff of some heavenly liquid in a brown bottle, and said yes to a couple of crazy opportunities. All weaved their unique fabric to bring RLJ together...

but really?

We all have a story right? The truth of the matter is that RLJ was born out of necessity rather than raw ambition at a time when I was consumed by grief, trauma, stress and PTSD. I knew that things had to change and so I focused on navigating my way back to a healthier place, doing the things that I knew worked for me. RLJ was the vehicle for my healing and once my life started to transform, I realised that I had in fact created a business that aligned with the life I wanted to live and the person I wanted to be. Red Lime Jones is here to stay!