how often do you really laugh out loud?

laughter wellness?

Awkward? A little. Geeky? Mayyyybe. Weird? Ohhhhh yes. Laughing Yoga is all of these but when you’re with a bunch of people who have the same goal – TO LAUGH – then the fear disappears 😉

Check out Hamish and Andy giving it a good shot.

Hamish & Andy Laughter Club

But seriously

Laughter is our personal philosophy, it’s our medicine, it builds resilience and is a big idea worth spreading!

A common factor throughout my life has been laughter. I generally LOVE to make people laugh, and seeing others laugh brings me the greatest of joy. Laughter Yoga however, is not about me sharing the best of my bad puns and dodgy one liners with you...

The human body is unable to differentiate between real and fake laughter and this is where Laughter Yoga comes in. It’s an opportunity to practice prolonged voluntary laughter. That’s right. FAKE laughter.

The theory behind this practice is that voluntary laughter provides the same physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous, natural laughter. It triggers the release of endorphins or “happy hormones”, leaving you feeling full of goodness.

Need some more convincing?

  • Because finding ways to laugh everyday could be enough to spark an upturn in both your physical and mental health
  • Aside from all the amazing physical benefits, laughter amplifies the positive aspects in your life and so provides a more hopeful outlook in your world.
  • If you see the funny side of life you’ll laugh more, if you laugh more, you’ll see the funny side of life more – win win!!
  • Laughing at your own adversity builds resilience – the more trained your brain is to laugh, the less likely it will be to wallow in times of stress
  • Can you deny the joy that laughter brings?
  • We can gain a better perspective and become more relaxed. This in turn helps us to feel stronger and adaptable so that we are more likely to let go and 'go with the flow' than resist the inevitable changes that come our way
  • Starting with a big, ballsy fake laugh often turns into a snorty, natural one...you know the laugh... the one where you Just. Let. Go

If you're looking to boost your happy hormones and experience joy in a fun and relaxed way – without the downward dogs, try Laughing Yoga with Robbie from Red Lime Jones. We can guarantee you will feel better for it.