Need to know

the lowdown on red lime jones granola

what's so good about your granola?

Red Lime Jones Granola can hit the spot any time of the day.

She’ll even have you getting out of bed in the middle of the night for more. Hehe.

Packed with flavour, plant-based goodness and so much personality, Red Lime Jones Granola is your specialty small-batch, slow baked morsel of joy.

Flavoured to suit all of your food moods, this “G” has been handcrafted to make you feel great from the inside, out.

Big on Taste, Big on Attitude

Our “G” comes in five different blends, each with their own unique flavour and packed with nutritious, natural, tasty ingredients. Put it this way - you could read our ingredients list and recognise Every. Single. Food.

We hunt out top-notch ingredients to provide you a premium granola blend that is vegan-friendly and free from refined sugars, colours or preservatives.

And it’s not just good for breakfast. You can enjoy the “G” straight from the bag as a healthy treat, or spice it up and add it as a topper to your favourite snack.

We Are Special

Red Lime Jones granola is more than just dreamy flavour combinations and #breakfastfordinner. It’s about improving your health and happiness, one bite at a time.

We want to empower you to find your vitality, and we think the best place to start is with your mouth.

Find your fit with Red Lime Jones granola and indulge in your health.

where can i buy your granola?

You can buy all five flavours of granola through our Online Shop.

We will also be visiting farmers markets and events throughout the year. You can keep up to date with these by visiting our Facebook Page and checking out the list of upcoming events.

Red Lime Jones granola is also sold instore at a range of small, independent retailers. View our current list of stockists.

If you would like to stock our products please get in touch.

do you deliver anywhere in the world?

We deliver within Australia. Unfortunately, we currently do not offer International shipping.

is granola good for me?

We think so! One of the reasons that we developed our granola was because we are big fans of healthy eating, but also lead a very active lifestyle and so found that it was difficult to take onboard sufficient energy without also overdoing it on the bad stuff. We use unrefined sweeteners, healthy nuts & seeds, and the good fit fats

is your granola suitable for those with allergies?

All of our granola contains nuts and so, unfortunately, is not suitable for those with nut allergies. Our products are manufactured in a kitchen where cross-contamination with gluten ingredients can occur, therefore, at present, our products are not entirely wheat-free and so are unsuitable for those with a gluten intolerance. If you suffer from any other allergies and are unsure whether our granola is suitable for you then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

what flavours of granola do you offer?

We offer five tasty flavours of granola sold in our shop:

  1. I Am Special
  2. I am Sassy
  3. I am Nuts
  4. I am Quirky
  5. I am Gold

We will also offer seasonal flavours to give you some additional variety throughout the year.

do you make custom blends?

We currently have 2 additional custom blends available for wholesale food service and behind bar service, if you are looking for something other than our 5 signature blends

how should i store my granola?

Like us, you may find that once opened a bag of our granola disappears before you have time to think about storing it! However, we do use a best before date as a guide to ensure you enjoy your granola at maximum freshness. To ensure your granola stays in prime condition it is best kept in an airtight container in the fridge. The seal on our pouches is nice and sturdy so that you can dip in and out of the pack as much as you like and the bag can always be resealed.

how should i eat my granola?

We have a handy blog post that answers this. If you have any other ideas then we'd love to hear them!

how do you make your granola?

Making our granola is a labour of love. We use a small batch process so that each and every bag of granola can be treated with care and attention to ensure a consistently high-quality product. Jumbo oats are mixed with unrefined sweeteners, olive or coconut oil, nuts & seeds, spices before baking then depending on the blend, dried fruits & coconut are added after baking.